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.Being a godfather or a godmother is a wonderful way to help a child grow well.By donating  30 € per month , you will allow him to no longer suffer from hunger, to be protected from any form of exploitation, to get medical care and to go to school. His life and that of all his community improve from month to month by your support.


.It is taking part in a human adventure that shares the same values.
To help them live well at home ... leave home, become a volunteer!
We are looking for volunteers
for help with homework and tutoring for children from 5 to 14 years old. thank you for contacting us


Your support allows us for example to purchase  a land and build a  reception room with toilets, public showers, a school, a canteen and a dormitory.

.To be a Donor is to say no to situations of injustice and suffering. It is a commitment to the causes that are important to you in supporting our projects: for the health of children.

.A company that donates to an organization
to support a work of general interest
can benefit from a tax deduction.
Generally, the counterpart consists of:
possibility for the donor to appear
its logo or logo - with the exception of
all advertising - on media
communication of the beneficiary.


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