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The association works within the framework of international solidarity. It aims to help children and families in great difficulty, orphans or poorly treated in Africa or other countries, especially in Kenya, allowing them to leave the streets and find a shelter, a real home with a human dimension and thus benefit of  education.

We also work in France, in Plombières-les-Dijon and Chenôve ... for school support and help to the poor children etc.

.Our local sponsorship sector leaders in Kenya
The local association "Vision of joy kids"
Mr and Mrs
Stanley Macharia
P.0 Box 14483
Their roles :

They are in charge of the smooth running of our sponsorship actions in Kenya situated in Kayole,and in Naivasha in the suburbs of kenya.

They are in close collaboration with us in France and the local association "Vision of joy kids"Kenya.

Their field of action is:

-To welcome new children for sponsorship.
-To take care of the children and their family conditions.
-To ensure the health follow-up of the children.
-To follow up on their education .
-To bring them food and to ensure its good use.
-To bring them clothes and school equipments
They are also  required to supervise actions such as:

-Improving the housing for families in great difficulty.
-Regular supervision of host families.
- Directing the volonteers who help the association. 
-Finally they are in charge of the administrative requirements in collaboration with the local authorities , then send to us all the reports of their actions .


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