Setting up the first sponsorships
Creation of a local association in Kayole with Kenyan leaders (Vision of joy kids)
Ditribution of food in image if dessou

contribution to the announcement of the word of God to the evengelisation which is made by our sister Grace in the children's prison of the suburbs of Nairobi

Thanks to her godfather and punctual donors, this young girl was able to go to school, she managed to finish her studies, to obtain a training in restoration she persevered in spite of the difficulties and to keep her faith in Jesus glory to God



Fixe:       0972842462





Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif SIRET:791 656 895 00012-APE:949



L'enfant C' L'avenir Association Hunmaintaire Internationale

1 ter impasse du Fays

21370 Plombières-les-DIJON (France)










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